Omukagah Christabell

What is your personal slogan OR favorite quote?

Strength for Today, Hope for tomorrow.

Imagine you are cast away on a desert island. Which book would you bring?

The Bible

Which song would you bring?

Chris Quilala - Because Of Your Love

Which movie would you bring?

Survivor Series

Which ONE luxury item would you bring?

Internet connected phone

What are your degrees?

Bachelor of Science in Microbiology University of Eldoret Year- 2014

How did you get here?

Having started out as an intern in the year 2015 and later on becoming a Research Assistant, it has been a great journey marked by tremendous growth and opportunities I would otherwise probably not have experienced which have immensely contributed to the person I am today both personally and in my work experience. The diversity experienced in working with the MNCH team has pushed me out of the comfort zones into realizing potentials I did not know I had. It has been a worthwhile experiencing with each moment presenting a learning curve.