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Elvirah Riungu

What is your personal slogan OR favorite quote?

Be still, know that I am God

Imagine you are cast away on a desert island. Which book would you bring?

The Bible

Which song would you bring?

Perfect by Pink

Which movie would you bring?

Alvin and the Chipmunks

Which ONE luxury item would you bring?

Solar lighting system

What are your degrees?

Bachelor of Science-Microbiology Moi University Year of graduation 2009

How did you get here?

I joined the team in August 2015 as a research assistant under Malezi Mema, which is a parenting program that has been in-cooperated into Chamas to equip mothers with positive parenting skills. I later moved to Kitale to Join the Chamas TransNzoia team as an implementation lead, to help start Chamas in Kitale in a bid to spread the benefits of the program beyond Bunyala